INTRODUCTION TO SURA AL BAQARAH -The longest Sura of the Quran

Al Baqarah is the longest Surah of the Quran, and it is occurs the longest verse. The name of the Sura is from the parable of the Heifer in verse 67-71, which illustrates the insufficiency of carping obedience. when faith is lost, people put off obedience with various excuses; even when at last they obey in the letter, they fail in the spirit, which means that they get fossilized and their self-sufficiency prevents them from seeing that spiritually they are not alive but dead. For live is movement, activity, striving, fighting, against baser things. And this is the burden of the Sura.

This Sura sums up in 286 verses the whole teaching of the Quran. It is a closely reasoned argument

This is in the main an early Madinah Sura.

It begins (verse 1-29) by classifying men into three broad categories, depending how they receive Allah’s message.

This lead to the story of the creation of man, the high destiny intended for him, his fall and the hope held out to him

The Kaaba was now to be the centre of universal worship and the symbol of Islamic unity


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